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WE SERVE both commercial and residential markets using the most advanced fabrication equipment available in the industry. We recently acquired and installed a dual table BACA Robotic SawJet that substantially increases our production capacity and yield while decreasing production times and vastly shrinking tolerances. Our robot is the very same robot used in automotive and aerospace production plants. In addition, we employ a variety of other advanced equipment including CNC routers, cutting tables and polishing machines. But we take most pride in our experienced team of polishers, who carefully and with keen eyes apply the final touches to each job before it leaves our factory floor.

Fabrication is a multi-step process that begins as soon as we receive the digital template files from the field. It involves multiple steps including pre-production/programming, cutting, routing and polishing. LBL Fabrications has a superb team of fabrication technicians with a combined 30 years of experience. We run two lines, one dedicated to solid surfaces and one to natural stone and quartz. We have experience working on over 50 types of materials and understand the particular nuances and physical and chemical properties of each.


During the preproduction/programming process, we take pictures of the slab to be fabricated and overlay digital template files to identify the best yield and best output. For slabs that have veining or other distinguishing characteristics, we utilize special digital software to analyze and optimally organize the pieces to be cut so that we can create a seamless looking end-product with matched veining. It is also during this stage that our robotic software determines where to utilize saw cutting and where to utilize waterjet cutting for extreme precision.


Once pre-programming has been completed, the cutting program is recorded by our Baca Robotic Saw-jet, which is a dual-table set-up that allows us to stage multiple slabs at a time. After our technician presses go, our robot swings to life and, with a high level of quality and precision, will cut the project slabs in a matter of minutes. Not only does this set us apart from our competition by vastly increasing our production volumes, we also are able to eliminate a great deal of human error in the process. In theory, we can receive a digital template, cut and polish and deliver your project for install within 24-48 hours.


Once the robot has completed the cutting process, we move relevant pieces to the Northwood CNC Fabcenter for routing. It is in this step that we take raw edges and shape the material to match the desired edge of the customer. Many of our competitors only use hand-held routers, which often result in uneven edge finishes with visible imperfections. Our CNC has a wide number of router tooling which enables us to create a wide variety of edge details to suit the tastes of all of our customers and does so in a manner that guarantees a flawless final product, free of any unevenness.


In the final step of the process, the pieces are moved from the router to our polishing center where a team of experienced polishers through a seven step process to put the finishing touches on the all outside perimeter and inside edges to ensure a beautiful final product. We also examine the surface of all of the finished materials to identify any natural imperfections or pores which may need to be treated with an epoxy insertion.